Sermons – Wednesday Evening 2017/18

Wednesday Evening 7:00pm

November 2017

19th                       No services/ Look for special service

29th                       The Trinity                        Voice_171129

December 2017

6th                        God the Father Part 1       Voice_171206

13th                      God the Father Part 2       Voice_171213

20th                      God the Son Part 1           Voice_171220

27th                      God the Son Part 2           Voice_171227

January 2018

3rd                        God the Son Part 3           Voice_180103 (1)

10th                      God the Holy Spirit Part 1  Voice_180110

17th                      No Service Due to Weather

24th                      God the Holy Spirit Part 2   Voice_180124

31st                      Man Part 1                           Voice_180131

February 2018

7th                        Man Part 2                            Voice_180207

14th                      Salvation Part 1                     Voice_180214

21st                      Salvation Part 2                      Voice_180221

28th                      Salvation Part 3                      Voice_180228

March 2018

7th                         Salvation Part 4                       Voice_180307

14th                       God’s purpose of Grace           Voice_180314 (1)

22nd                      Church Part 1                          Voice_180321 (1)

28th                       Church Part 2                           Voice_180328

       April 2018

4th                         Church Part 3                           Voice_180404

11th                       Church Part 4                           Voice_180411

18th                   Baptism and the Lord’s Supper     Voice_180418

25th                    The Lord’s Day                             Voice_180425

May 2018

2nd                    The Lord’s Day Part 2                   Voice_180502

9th                      Kingdom Part 1                Voice_180509

16th                   Kingdom Part 2                 Voice_180516

23rd                  No Service

30th                  Last Things Part 1                 Voice_180530

June 2018

6th                    Last Things Part 2                  Voice_180606

13th                 Last Things Part 3                   Voice_180613 (1)

20th                                                               No Audio Available

27th                 Last Things Part 4                   Voice_180627 (3)

July 2018

4th                    No Night Service                  No Audio

10th                 VBS                                      No Audio

19th                   Evangelism and Missions  Voice_180718 (2)

25th                 Evangelism and Missions 2  Voice_180725 (1)

August 2018

1st                    No Audio

8th                    Education                             Voice_180808

15th                 Stewardship Part 1                Voice_180815 (1)

22nd                Stewardship Part 2                Voice_180822 (2)

29th                  No Service                             No Audio


5th                  Cooperation                           Voice_180905 (1)

13th      The Christian and the social order part 1   Voice_180912 (1)

20th      The Christian and the social order part 2   Voice_180919_1 (1)

27th       The Christian and the Social Order Part 3  Voice_180926 (3)


3rd         Mission Night                                   No Audio

10th      Peace and War    Voice_181010 (1)

17th       Religious Liberty Part 1                 Voice_181017 (1)

24th      Religious Liberty Part 2                 Voice_181024 (3)

31st         Reformation Day                                Voice_181031 (1)


7th          Missions night                                No Audio

14th         Religious Liberty Part 3                 Voice_181114 (1)

21th          No services/Look at Special Services

28th          Family                                          Voice_181128 (1)


5th            Missions Night                                No Audio

12th          Family Part 2                                Voice_181212 (1)

19th          Family Part 3                             Voice_181219 (1)

26th          Prayer Meeting                           No Audio




Special Services

November 2017

21st                       Thanksgiving                           Voice_171121

                                                  November 2018

20th                         Thanksgiving                         Voice_181120 (1)