Sermons – Sunday Morning 2017/18

Sunday Morning 11:00am

November 2017

19th                        Beatitudes Sermon #7 Voice_171119

26th                        Beatitudes Sermon #8 Voice_171126

December 2017

3rd                         Salt and Light                  Voice_171203

10th                       Coleman Family                No audio

17th                      The Virgin Birth of Christ   Voice_171217

24th                     Christmas: Focus on Jesus Voice_171224

31st                     New Years                           Voice_171231

January 2018

7th                       Due to Technical Problems No Sermon

14th                     Lord’s Pray  Part 1           Voice_180114

21st                    Lord’s Pray Part 2             Voice_180121

28th                     Lord’s Pray Part 3            Voice_180128

February 2018

4th                      Where Is Your Treasures  Voice_180204

11th                    Why Do You Worry?          Voice_180211

18th                    Age is a blessing                Voice_180218

25th                    Judge Not                           Voice_180225

March 2018

4th                      The Two Paths                    Voice_180304

11th                    Guatemala Mission Team    No Audio

18th                                                                 Voice_180318

th25th                                                                 Voice_180325(1)

25th                                                                 Voice_180325(2)

April 2018

1st                       Sunrise Service                    Voice_180401_1

1st                            Jesus is Alive                  Voice_180401

8th                 Parable of the two debtors        Voice_180408 (1)

15th               Parable of the Strongman           Voice_180415

22nd              Parable of the Demon                 Voice_180422(1)

Voice_180422(2) (1)

29th              Parable of the Two Sons              Voice_180429

May 2018

2nd              Parable of the Hidden Treasure      Voice_180506(1)

13th             Mother’s Day Sermon                      Voice_180513

20th            Parable of the Sower Part 1               Voice_180520

27th            Parable of the Sower Part 2               Voice_180527

June 2018

3rd             Parable of the Sower Part 3                Voice_180603

10th           Parable of the Friend at Midnight         Voice_180610

17th           Father’s Day                                          Voice_180617 (3)

24th           Parable of the Dragnet                           Voice_180624 (3)

July 2018

1st            Parable of the Rich Fool                         Voice_180701 (1)

8th           Parable of the Mustard Seed                   Voice_180708 (1)

15th          VBS Commencement                             No Audio

22nd        Parables of the Seed Growing Secretly   Voice_180722 (1)

29th        Parable of the Barren Fig Tree                 Voice_180729 (1)


5th          Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Part 1  Voice_180805 (1)

12th        Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Part 2   Voice_180812 (1)

19th       Parable of  the Great Supper                       Voice_180819 (1)

26th      Parable of Lost Sheep and Lost Coin           Voice_180826 (1)

September 2018

2nd      Parable of the Unjust Steward                         Voice_180902 (1)

9th       Parable of the Profitable Servant                     Voice_180909 (1)

16th    Parable of the Lost Son                                     Voice_180916 (1)

23rd   Parable of the Lost Son Part 2                           Voice_180923

30th  Parable of the Lost Son Part 3                            Voice_180930(1) (1)


7th     Homecoming                                                    No Audio

14th   Persistent Widow                                              Voice_181014 (1)

21st     Parable of Pharasee and Publican                  Voice_181021 (1)

28th   Parable of the Pound                                          Voice_181028 (3)


4th   Parable of the Landowner                                 Voice_181104(1) (1)

11th Parable of the Vine Keepers                              Voice_181111 (1)

18th  Parable of the King’s Wedding                         Voice_181118 (2)

25th  Parable of the 10 Virgins                                   Voice_181125 (1)


2nd     Parable of  the talents                                    Voice_181202 (1)

9th      No Service Due to Weather                            No Audio

16th    Parable of the Good Samaritan                     Voice_181216 (1)

23rd    Coming of the Wisemen                 Voice_181223 (1)

30th                                                          Voice_181230 (1)