Prayer List





Reiny Koschel                                      Brian Good

The Gideons                                         Coleman Family-Romania

Leslie Mosher-Africa


Gordon Anderson & Family; Betty Campbell; Eric & Sylvia Clayton; Deidra Gambrell; Tom & Connie Gregory; Amy Harmon’s son Sam; Pam & Ricky Leopard; James Long; George Motes; Mary Nelson; Readinger Family; Bea Roberts; Reid Sherfield; Elaine Taylor; Jeff Taylor; Sue & Greta Wetzel; Edna Williams & Daughters; Heather & Andrew Wise; David & Nina Young; Curtis Young


Baby Cecilia; Gerald Abercrombie; Danny & Vicki Adair; Lamar Babb; Eddie & Pat Bostick; April Brown; Marie Brown; Betty Cain; Brodie Campbell; Gail Campbell; Mark Campbell; Ricky Campbell; Alvin and Lois Carpenter; David Copeland; Johnny Mack Copeland; Scotty Douglas; Trish Edwards; Eric Finley; Ben Fuller; Jerry Fuller; Keith Gatchel; Connie Gregory’s Aunt Louise; Randy Huber; Ashley Hughes; Tim Kirby; Heather Kissiah; James & Joyce Lanford; Melissa Loscher; Amanda McLean; Debbie & Brian Mogle; Dena Moore; Wanda Norris; Anne Parks; Wally Peabody; Shirley Pearson; Kammy Pennington; Rose Pennington; Cora Price; Carolyn Simpson; Mary Watson; Fran Wertz; Heather Wise’s Family; Ethyl Wyatt; Sandy Young



Jenny Ashmore; Alfred & Brenda Bostick; Kimberly Brooks; James Cheek; Rick Childers; Terry Clark; Lenoir Emerson; Leland Epting; Claire Fields; Billy Fullbright; Don Fulmer; Leroy Gary; Pastor Hamilton; Dana Harwell; Savannah Howell; David Jones; April Lawson; Leslie Lawson; Noah Lawson; Tiffany Lawson; Tommy Lowe; Megan McCarthy; Patrick McEnery; Chelsea B. McNeil; Polly McSwan; Denise Medlock; Harriet Monahan; Wendy Nix; Hayden Norris; Katie Orcutt; Buffy Osbourne; Overstreet Family; John Pate; Mike Petty; Tim Pulley; James Quinn; Don Rackley; Lucille Satterfield; Laura M. Saunders; Allyson Sherer; Brenda Shrantz; Vic Snow; Billy Strickland; Pam Threatt; Janice Ward; Darryl White; Kathy Williams; Becky Zeigler


Holly Grove Baptist Church-The pastor, the leadership, the members

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Church Visitors


Churches in Laurens County/The Persecuted Church/SBC

The Lost/Unchurched

Military/Police/Fire Fighters/EMS/Public Servants/Caregivers

USA/Government Leaders on all levels

Evangelistic Endeavors/Revival/Reformation/Christmas Drama

Those who are shut-ins; in the hospital; in the nursing home.